Friday, February 14, 2014

Old man winter got the best of me yesterday...

You can say I am yet another casualty of the snowstorm that hit the northeast yesterday.

On my way home from the grocery store, I lost control of my Jeep when I was going over an icy bridge through the back roads.
Thank goodness there was no on coming traffic.
Or worse yet an oncoming snowplow.
Thank goodness there was a guardrail.
Thank goodness I didn't go over the guardrail and into the creek.
Thank goodness for kind strangers.

May sound corny to some but I know the good Lord above is watching over me. As He has my whole life and for as long as I can remember. I have lots of stories that would put a cat with nine lives to shame. I guess He's not ready for me yet. I must have more to do here.
What that is? I have no idea.

I'm fine. Just really sore and have a small cut on my hand. My Jeep on the other hand didn't fare as well. Battered and bruised, I was still able to limp her home. Hubs says she may be old, but she's tough and he can fix her. Although she won't be as pretty as she once was.
That's okay with me. I can totally relate.
I'm more worried about my Jeep. Hubs is more worried about me. Hugging me tight his words, "I can replace a vehicle. But I can't replace you." He's such a sweet man.

Did I see my life flash before my eyes? Nope. Not sure if I was supposed to. I did say "Oh sh*t!" when I felt her start to slide and lose control. Now I know how a NASCAR driver feels. But on a much smaller level.
MUCH smaller level. ((hee-hee))

Happy Friday, all.
Drive safe.

I forgot one...
Thank goodness for Advil.

:> )


jennifer768 said...

Wowsers! I am so sorry to hear that you had an accident but I am so very thankful you are ok.Take care of yourself.Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.Be blessed,Jen

Carol Roll said...

Thank God your ok!!! How scarey! Your jeep just has some new patina. Let your hubs take care of you today especially.

Peri said...

Glad you are okay! Have had that happen on ice in VA and it is scary..Peachy nearly had a run in with deer where she lives...also scary. Y'all be glad you were alert! If you had not been paying attention...well, just be glad you were doing so! Best Valentines Day present for your Hubs was when you got home all in one piece! Take advantage of that! Oh, and be glad you did not have the dogs with you!!

lilraggedyangie said...

O my am glad you are ok sorry you are sore though...HAPPY Valentine's Day...Hugs lil raggedy Angie

Michelle said...

Glad you are safe...lay low this weekend and rest...and go slow going over those bridges.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh dear Karin, so happy you are safe and made it home, that's terrible and scary. Happy Valentines day, eat some chocolate to feel better, Hugs Francine.

bayrayschild said...

My Goodness that must have been scary for you. I am so glad you are ok. Rest my dear and Happy Valentines Day to you!

Big Hugs,

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Glad you are now safe and sound at home! Hot bubble bath and some chocolate are in order this weekend!

Penny said...

Scary stuff! Sorry this happened to you, but so glad you are okay!!
Love Jeeps.... they don't give up easily!!
Happy Valentine's Day... wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Never So Simple said...

So glad your ok. My daughter and I slid Wednesday when the storm hit VA. It was a little scary we just moved really slow after that took a little longer to get home but we made it. Your husband sounds so sweet.


Raymond Homestead said...

How scary! So glad you are ok!

tj said...

...So glad to hear you're okay Miss Peanut! So sorry to hear about the ol' Jeep, altho' they can take a licking but still keep ticking.

...Get plenty o' rest, 'kay? And no more going grocery shopping in snowstorms for you young lady! ;o)

...Peace & blessings.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, guys. I'm feeling much better today. ♥

Alison Harriman said...

Glad to hear your getting back to your nutball self. And isn't your hubby a sweetheart!


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