Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The powder room is done...

The walls and trim are painted. The new crapper and vanity sink top are installed. It's nice and light in there now.

 photo ba2_zps601c13aa.jpg

Even though the window is new, I decided to beef up the window trim. The thin trim they put up just wasn't working for me.
I also stitched up a sweet, little, topper curtain.

I was finally able to use my vintage, ceramic,cow head. My mama had it in her home and gave it to me years ago.
He now holds our hand towel. He's got a little crack, but then again I'm a little cracked myself.

This is one of my favorite old prints.

 photo ba1_zpse0f58418.jpg

I can always tell when I have nosy company with this little jar...

 photo ba3_zps7b51ba24.jpg

If they come out of the bathroom laughing, I know they've snooped.
I tore up dryer lint into tiny pieces and crammed it in the jar. ((giggle))

I am so over this nasty, snowy, cold weather! I need to see some green grass!

Stella is driving me crazy. She has all this pent-up energy and needs to run around outside. She's been quite destructive lately.

She's defiantly chewing and tearing up things she knows she shouldn't. I swear there are times she is demon possessed.

 photo ba4_zps9f4b2648.jpg

If this weather doesn't break soon, I'm either going to throw her out in the snowbank or perform an exorcism.

Happy Wednesday, all!

:> )


Alison Harriman said...

Looks great Karin. What else can you do to keep from going stir while the snow is still around? Poor Stella. Throw her out in the snow indeed.

Michelle said...

Its is beautiful.

I say, put her outside and see what she does. hee hee.

Peri said...

The powder room looks great! Love the cow!
Get Stella a little treadmill!!

Maureen said...

Karin, do you have a good method for removing the leftover wallpaper glue on the walls? I've been working on our master bath for over a week now. I am putting a primer on today and still running into areas that must have some glue even though I couldn't see it or feel it! ARGHHH!!!

Maureen said...

PS. I hit send before saying how nice your powder room turned out :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, everyone! Maybe I need to ship Stella to GB, CA or OR! ((hee-hee))
Maureen I first wet down my wallpaper and removed it with a razor blade. Got a lot of glue off that way. Then after the walls were dry, I hit it with my palm sander/220 grit and got rid of any leftover nastiness. It makes a wicked mess but in the long run, it's worth it. :> )

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Everything looks great - love the cow towel holder and I certainly did get a chuckle with the belly button lint jar!

Maureen said...

Okay, good to know Karin,THANKS much!!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Karin, love the bathroom, looks fabulous. Cute picture too, job well done, Blessings Francine.

Raymond Homestead said...

The room looks great! LoL, Love the belly button lint jar! I know how Stella feels :-)

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