Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mission accomplished.

Don't you love it when you transform (Lord knows I extremely dislike that word but in this case I'll use it) a room and it doesn't cost you a penny?
Me too!!
All it took was a little muscle.

First, I had to empty out the "land of misfit furniture."
Man, what a mess I made! The hallway was so jam packed with stuff, I accidentally barricaded little Gracie in a corner.

 photo spareb1_zpsc12c3a5e.jpg

Guessing by the color of those old pine floorboards, looks to be painted about the 1930's. Truthfully, I wouldn't have minded if they weren't all scratched to heck. But they were. So I really minded.

I got on my hands and knees and did a quick sanding, before I threw down three coats of floor paint which I had sitting in the closet waiting patiently for me.

My poor little Stella is still a little under the weather so she hung out the whole time.

 photo spareb2_zpsb78ffb9c.jpg

Then I slowly introduced some of the misfit furniture until I had it looking like a spare bedroom/quiet space.
With all the "leftovers, it looks like I'll be having a barn sale this year!

It's nothing fancy. But then again, I'm not the fancy type.
I'm more the old, grandma's farmhouse type.

 photo spare4_zpsd3456072.jpg

And little Gracie came out unscathed.

 photo spare5_zps601738d6.jpg

:> )


Peri said...

Get a plane ticket to CA and help us out! You are doing a fantastic job in NY! I am so glad that Gracie is out of the corner. Poor girl puts up with SO much.
House looks really fine! Are you expecting company??

Tina said...

Wow, this is awesome. Nice to catch up with you. Still wonderful and still creating amazing things.

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