Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I have another home improvement project in the works...

I've always admired original tin ceilings in old farmhouses.

When we were searching for a farmhouse, we were down to two. The first one had a beautiful tin tile ceiling in the kitchen. I was smitten! Unfortunately, the farmhouse we bought didn't have it. That is until now.

Well, truth be told it's not tin. It's faux tin. They now make "genuine imitation" tin tile ceiling panels.


 photo 6e5c17dd-5985-40c5-8804-939eb4951f44_zpsixzou8rt.jpg

But I'm not sure if it will be easy as gluing them up. Since our kitchen ceiling isn't smooth, I may have to put up furring strips first. Of course I roped my sweet hubs into helping me before he even knew.

I am sure I don't know how to do any of this.
(what else is new?) I do plan to blog a step by step to share with my other novice DIYers. (How hard can it be??)

 photo tile2_zpsdihmpa2e.jpg

It will cover the groovy 1970's swirled ceiling. But I will leave the vaulted shiplap ceiling in the dining area.

 photo 10b10e0d-3f83-48b1-98e7-80bb94ff3998_zpshbrexvte.jpg

I hit a house sale a few weeks ago and finally found the perfect writing desk for my keeping room.
It's actually a small table but hey, it was exactly what I was looking for!!
As you can plainly see, Tommy and George are quite happy too.

 photo home1_zpsctvdfwpb.jpg

Speaking of Tommy and George... I've added Jimmy (Madison) and Johnny (Adams) portraits. I'm still working on Alex (Hamilton). He too will eventually adorn my wall.

 photo home3_zpslsre2qkr.jpg

Ben has his own little corner...

 photo 2d4e751f-8824-4edc-bd60-6f147cf8f0fe_zpsclwrurye.jpg

Here's another house sale find! I've been looking for a "candle stand" for the longest time. Found it where I found the desk. Yippee!

 photo home2_zps60qtskup.jpg

So that's what's been going on at the ol' Countryfolk homestead.

We still have a ton of snow on the ground, but I'm hoping to see nothing but muddy grass soon!

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Hello Swet Karin, I love the faux tin ceiling so much, I would love to do the same. Maybe a back splash is all I will be able to do. Your portraits are wonderful as is your cozy farmhouse. Snow is gone from here, really early for us but I'll take it.Irish Blessings Francine.

bayrayschild said...

Hello dear Peanut!
I so love your home! Your decorating style is right up my alley. I LOVE it all!
Good luck with the ceiling project!

Hugs, Audrey

marly said...

Are you spray painting one of the faux metal paints before installing or leaving it light? Great any way you do it. Nice finds too. I wonder how Steve made it through the winter.

Susan said...

Hey Missy, just poppin over to say hello. See you all the time on FB, but hadn't been here in ages. I'm looking at my identical swirly ceiling as I type this. Soon I will be blogging my bathroom remodel, so we'll compare notes. Take care and rock on! Love ya, Peachy.

Tina said...

I'm excited to see how the tin ceiling goes up. happy you are going before those of us who want that look and have the same issue with the ceiling. I have a feeling it's gonna be amazing looking. Love your little nooks and accents in your house. Looks so cozy.

Ali said...

Karin has a new project? Quel surprise! LOL! From the sound of it, it will look great when its done.

Hope the first day of Spring has produced some bare ground for you over there. Here, its green and starting to bloom nicely.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, everyone!! You all know after a certain amount of time I get the itch to do some kind of home project! :> )

Francine, it would be great for a backsplash! You should consider it.

Audrey, I wish you lived closer. We could be the Dynamic Duo of Craigslist! Man, we would have so much fun! ((giggle))

Marly, because the ceiling isn't high, I'm going to keep them white. Although my hubs likes the silver tin look. I do too but I think it will make the kitchen look small.

Peachy, you have done a ton of work on your home. Everything looks beautiful!

Sweet T, how's the new place coming along? It's been a dog's age since I've visited blogs. I really need to start. I love visiting them.

Ali, where the heck have you been? Did you leave Facebook? We still have a ton of snow. As a matter of fact it's the second day of spring and it's snowing. Ugh.

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