Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four thousand coats of paint, 70% humidity, a bat in the kitchen wood stove pipe...

and I still managed to get it all done!

Okay. Maybe the 4000 coats of paint is a bit of a stretch. But the humidity and bat are true.

I am tickled pink with the outcome of the new trim color! Perfect background colors for a colonial look.

 photo keepingrm3_zpsfj4j6nwg.jpg

 photo 11194465-2fb6-4899-bd12-cb835bb83cb7_zps1te9ahis.jpg

Yep. I know I don't have knobs on the other pair of old shutters. I can't decide... Black knobs or no black knobs? (That is the question.)

 photo 3f1728b7-a973-42c3-af59-a09aec7b1dbe_zpszlierpzr.jpg

I decided to bring this same trim color into our dining/American flag walls room.
But I still need to do another coat of paint.
Gee, who would have thought?

As far as the bat goes, most know my philosophy. I love and adore nature. But not inside my home. So it has to go. The problem is they freak me the heck out! Saying I am not a fan of bats is an understatement.
No need to tell me how cute they are. Or how wonderful they are. I'm not buying it.

Hubs says he'll take care of it over the weekend. The weekend??!!! Today is only Wednesday??!!! What if it somehow gets out, flies around "looking" to hunt me down and gets tangled in my hair??!! Or what if it somehow gets out, flies around "looking" to hunt me down and turns into Dracula??!!
A little too dramatic? See?? This is why I can't wait until the weekend.

For now, I have wrapped up and taped up our tiny woodstove like a mummy.
Hey, it could somehow squeeze out of the door. At least that what's my fear is telling me.

So that's about it for today. Now if you will excuse me, I have a garlic necklace to make...

:> )

BAT UPDATE: My sweet hubs took care it as I hid upstairs with the girls. He's my hero! ♥


bayrayschild said...

Oh how I love the new trim color! Perfect setting!

As for that bat...I don't know if I could sleep comfortably knowing it was there. Good Luck With That!


Primitive Stars said...

I adore your cozy home Karin, looks fantastic!!!!! As for the bat, needs to be outside.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! I am thrilled with the color! My anxiety level is high with this dang bat in the stove pipe! But I'm prepared. I've got my badminton racket ready if need be. ;> )
Audrey, not sure if you noticed a little "someone" in my photos. You can see her best in the second pic. She is one of my favorites! <3
When my brother-in-law first saw her he said she looked just like his grandma. <3

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

P.S. I made a decision. No knobs!!!
:> )

Ali said...

The room loves amazing Karin. I've always admired that wee checked sofa you have in there.


Carol Roll said...

Oh God a bat in your house! Terrifying!

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