Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmastime at the ol' Countryfolk Homestead just isn't the same without a little...


 photo fd8a43a3-4402-4824-8b7c-7c293e74542c_zpsrd8nutmb.jpg

Around the kitchen...

This flying Santa keeps the lid on my delicious Christmas cookies recipes box.
They are all top secret!
Not really. I just don't have the heart to tell him. He even brought his watchdog.

 photo kitchri3_zpsz2rjfw8m.jpg

 photo ginger2_zpsb1ua7afw.jpg

Can you stand the cuteness of this little gingerbread guy??!! I most certainly can't!! ♥

 photo 12f8b654-ce55-4c8b-9fb1-c4401e8621f7_zpswmzmjdmt.jpg

 photo kitchri2_zpspcsqzira.jpg

 photo ginger3_zpsq6lil08z.jpg

 photo kitchri1_zpsjymfebtm.jpg

I love these wrapped Christmas candies made out of glass...

 photo candies_zps93gt56pm.jpg

Stella has become quite bored with my picture taking. Can you tell?

 photo stove1_zpsytu569lq.jpg

 photo stove2_zpsw3gafsvg.jpg

Ooops! Yesterday, I forgot to post my Victorian Carolers my mom made back in the 70's.
The mom and daughter are sporting genuine mink!
Shhh... Don't tell PETA.

 photo carolers_zpshvgjos5t.jpg

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

 photo cmouse1_zpslglp3dgw.jpg

Christmas Mouse!!
And he's up to no good as usual.

 photo cmouse2_zps7hfpw6z7.jpg

This next little Christmas imp is right up there with the "Dorothy Doll" as far as my favorite pieces go. I'm sure you're wondering why...

 photo kitchri4_zpsiq9tnx0d.jpg

No. It's not his weird eyes and squishy face.
Although I do love them.
It has something to do with when you remove his hat.

 photo kitchri5_zpsf9uwxdi3.jpg

He has a COMB OVER!!!

 photo kitchri6_zpsvugtijjz.jpg

I bet you're smiling right now.

Happy Sunday, all.

Be merry and bright.

:> )


Cindi said...

The combover did make me smile! I love all your things, the mouse has an especially fun place to spend the holidays!
Be blessed,

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, Cindi! ♥

Carol Roll said...

Loved every picture Peanut! You have such a knack for decorating! I see Stella by the warm stove. Love that rascal!

Unknown said...

Comb over! Lol!! Too funny! I pray to God you always and forever keep blogging. I so enjoy your humor and love your home! Dear Lord you can decorate....Wow! I'm getting so many great ideas from you and am thinking of naming my home.. "The Countryfolk Farmhouse!" Lol My hubs thinks I'm a nut. Haha Hey, if the shoe fits. :-D

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

I'm always thrilled to read others who are inspired by my DIY projects! Let your hubs think you're nuts. My sweet hubs accepted my lunacy a long time ago. ((hee hee))

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