Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Hey Grandpa, what's for supper?"

Nothing just yet.

The gas, downdraft cooktop was delivered Tuesday but the propane folks won't be here until this afternoon.

So this morning I had to make a pot of coffee on what I would call a single, coil burner for Barbie.
It only took about an hour and a half to make the weakest half a pot of coffee I've ever tasted. But I am grateful so I'll take it because I get a little cranky when I don't have my Dunkin Donuts in the a.m.

Since the cooktop is in place, I snapped a few photos. I am soooo happy I went with the black instead of the stainless steel. In my humble opinion a stainless cooktop might have been overkill. The black cooktop compliments the black accent trim on my other appliances and... the kitchen cabinet hardware. Have I mentioned how much I love that hardware??

 photo jen1_zpsjqax8tun.jpg

 photo jen2_zpsmyn1whhe.jpg

Man, I wish they would make things for us southpaws. All the knobs are on the right side. I'll have to make a conscious effort not to reach over an open flame with my left hand and set my arm on fire. I guess it could be worse. I wouldn't want a Mrs. Doubtfire "incident."
(Maybe I should keep a couple of sauce pan lids handy.)

 photo jen3_zpsxdc0g9sh.jpg

Oh, I almost forgot...

 photo jen4_zpsznjdvey2.jpg

Sadly, I'm not sure it means much anymore these days.
But I was happy to see it.

I hope to be cooking
(and not burning) dinner later today!

Wish me luck!!

:> )


Denise Blankenship said...

Lol! Yes, those sauce pan lids might come in handy! The black cooktop looks great with your appliances..great choice. And I really like the black hardware...very nice. It must be such a joy to cook in your beautiful kitchen. I used to have white cabinets in mine but they just didn't look right for some reason. Yours looks wonderful. I painted them to look like wood...Oh Dear Lord, what was I thinking! :-O After seeing yours, maybe I should try again. :-)

bayrayschild said...

Oh Peanut, everything looks WONDERFUL and you are AWESOME!
Didn't know you were a lefty...just like me!

Happy, happy!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies!
Denise, my cabinets have been natural wood, Barn Red, English Cream and finally Powdered Snow. I can't even begin to tell you how many coats of primer and paint are on those things!
Audrey, you're a southpaw too?! Yet another reason why we're kindred spirits! ♥

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