Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I've spent these past few days cleaning like a maniac...

so I thought it best to snap some photos of my kitchen while it's almost spotless. I have no problem admitting this place is never spotless because I prefer to live in my home. I'm sure if you look closely you will spot some crumbs on the floor I tried to brush away with my sock. ((giggle))

My main reason for posting these photos is to share with other novice DIY'ers. Or better yet, help to inspire/motivate others to give cosmetic home improvements a try themselves.

I'll list paint colors, brands and any other info I can post. I so appreciate other bloggers who share photos of their homes and what they did to update them. It helped me when deciding my kitchen colors.

I can honestly say that after 15 years of living in this 1800's farmhouse, I now have my
(very modest, budget friendly) dream kitchen.
I haven't added up the total cost. I'm not sure I want to. Eeeks!
But I do know it was a heck of a lot cheaper than if we were to pay someone to do what my sweet hubs and I have done. There is no doubt about it.
We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it. We also had a blast at times and hysterically laughed our way through.

 photo kit_zpsp2kk7tn9.jpg

Wall color: Behr Hazelnut Cream
All Beadboard color: Behr Ivory Mist
Trim and cabinets color: Behr Powdered Snow
Vaulted ceiling color: Behr Ivory Mist
Faux Tintile Ceiling Tiles: Global Specialty Products
Crown Molding: Behr Powdered Snow
Braided area rugs: Overstock . com

 photo kit7_zpsr5axpuqf.jpg

All knobs and bin pulls: knobsandpulls. com

 photo knobsandpulls2_zps2jnzqz8r.jpg

 photo chhut3_zpsilvgptoq.jpg

I removed all the hinges and spray painted them with Rustoleum satin black.

 photo 4530733b-f7fa-45e1-89ba-8766c25f5cba_zpsa3do2cqf.jpg

 photo fau1_zpskuzs3crb.jpg

Cape Dory Top Mount Cast Iron Single Bowl Kitchen Sink by Kohler
Glacier Bay Bridge Kitchen Faucet
Listello Tiles: Menards
I've never tiled before in my life. It was kind of fun!

 photo kit13_zpspmfpyrca.jpg

 photo a4ee82b6-3eed-4356-97ac-c4f2031a7bb0_zpsxci5h8xf.jpg

Formica 180fx Soapstone Sequoia laminate countertop in Scovato finish and Ogee IdealEdge. Home Depot installation.

 photo d8bd3215-10e5-4e10-b316-d7c02dde8444_zpsvpqilqug.jpg

Jenn-Air Downdraft Gas Cooktop: Local Jenn-Air dealer
Cooktop Trim Kit: Micro-Trim Inc.

 photo fc18d547-ab66-4a00-89c6-d8675040804e_zps1nidjkma.jpg

Red Doors: Behr Awning Red

 photo kit8_zpssjl9v9ef.jpg

China Hutch: Behr Sandstone Cliff
Vintage Murphy Ironing Board and other accent furniture: Behr Black Suede
Hampton Bay Wood Architectural outlet and light switch covers

 photo kit9_zpsjzjwyvr4.jpg

Americana Antiqued Flag Walls painted by me.
(Hey, I'm going to give myself a plug too.)

 photo chhut6_zpsimlkigeq.jpg

I put Allen & Roth beadboard wallpaper on old, ugly bifold doors: Lowes
Then added decorative strap hinges meant for garage doors: Home Depot

 photo 431331f3-72bb-46fc-ae38-4cff5b6388c7_zps5gcnkcg6.jpg

 photo e271b745-cf5b-4f87-9920-dd98652c3b83_zpsarwvvzcs.jpg

 photo kit5_zps9toeuazc.jpg

Beautiful vintage Windsor dining room set and solid maple butcher block are Craigslist finds. So is the china hutch.
Don't let the media scare you from looking at Craigslist. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
But then again I am reminded of the practically new Jenn-Air electric downdraft cooktop we got for a mere 25 bucks. I still can't believe that one!
The majority of people selling on there are legit. But there will always be predators and evil in this world. Remember to use your brain, have a little common sense and you can score some awesome finds.
You could also practice your Second Amendment right and feel just a little safer in this world.

I'll share again our kitchen (blast from the past) when we first moved in.

 photo oldkitchen_zpsxnvybkt8.jpg

Heck, I don't even recognize it!

Anyway... There you have it. I think I covered pretty much everything we did over the past year
and then some. We're both so happy with the outcome that my sweet hubs mentioned he's ready to take on an upstairs remodel.


Happy Wednesday.
Now go paint a wall in your home.

:> )


Erin said...

It looks absolutely fabulous! I cannot believe the transformation of the hutch. It's gorgeous!

Gayle said...

Spectacular! I doesn't even look like the same house! I'm sure you're loving it all - congrats on a great finish!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank you so much, ladies! I truly appreciate your kind words. ♥
Man, it really has come a long way! Yippee!!

Denise Blankenship said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous!! Boy, does that hutch look awesome! The way you took a picture of it with the wall flag...Wow! I appreciate how you let us know the paint colors and all, not many do that. So thank you! :-)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, Denise! I don't mind sharing my color choices. It's not like I'm going to walk into a place and someone will be wearing the same paint color as me. ((giggle))

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Karin, I love your home, all the colors you choose, decorating, all of it. Very comfy cozy, Blessings Francine.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thank you, Francine! ♥

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