Friday, July 15, 2016

I do believe I have an obsession...

with the look of old, interior bricks.
If I had a money tree, I would do something like this...

But unfortunately not only do I not have a money tree, I don't have a big enough farmhouse to do it in. So...

 photo stove_zpsr9gbaysa.jpg

I'm back to playing around with my little, half bricks, my non matte black wood stove and slanted floor. Oh well, can't have everything. I have to work with what I have. I'm fine with that. ♥

Here's a photo of the wood stove when it was straight in front of the vent.

 photo keep1_zpsr5bmq6hp.jpg

Having it in the corner gives me more room and there isn't a lot of wasted space.

I'll leave it to my sweet hubs to figure out the stove pipe puzzle because I haven't a clue.
I'd also like to vent it straight out the back of the stove instead of the top. This way I can decorate the top of the stove. ((giggle))
Shhhhh... My sweet hubs doesn't need to know that.

Have a terrific weekend, all!

:> )


Maureen said...

That creative mind of yours is always churning! It's such a pretty stove. I hope your husband can get the venting figured out for you.

Phyllis Wood said...

I love it caddy corner like that. That looks so cozy. I'm sure that the girls like the change. Gracie did a good job of supervising. I'm glad that her good days outnumber her bad ones. Stella also did a good job of helping. I'm sure that their daddy will figure out the venting issue.

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