Friday, July 8, 2016

One down. Two to go...

 photo e2118e26-7ec6-47fb-9f37-70bc20de129c_zpszlgvdo2k.jpg

Got the first coat of poly down. All done with a 2" bristle brush.
Yeah, I need my head examined. But I prefer a small brush to a roller.

I must admit I'm a little disappointed. I found out after the fact that an oil base polyurethane has a "warm glow."
Well to me, "Warm Glow" = Orange-ish

But with the high traffic area that it is, I felt I needed an oil base poly.
Oh well... It does look really nice and my hubs loves it. So all is good.
**under my breath** But it ain't that good. Hmpf!

I decided to keep the flagstone or slate (not sure which it is) threshold. During the week I gave her a good scrubbin' and she shined up like a new penny. ♥
Although after all that sanding, she's going to need a good scrubbin' again.

So that's it for today.

Now I must go spend some time with Stella. She's been walking around the house all day with her little, pink, rubber ball in her mouth.

:> )


Phyllis Wood said...

Karin, it looks great. I think that the color will "mellow", so I'm sure that you'll end up loving it. Is a brush more thorough than a roller? Or better control? Go play with that poor little Stella, she has missed you and you still have more to do.

Maureen said...

It looks rich and warm Karin. When you load your "stuff" back in that will mellow it out more to your liking too I imagine.
Bless your husband.He's a keeper!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! ♥
Phyllis, I have more control with a smaller brush and I can really get in all nooks,crannies and ripples in the wood. It takes longer but I'm cool with that. :> )
Maureen, it will look lovely after all the furniture goes back into the room. I was hoping for more of a light brown like our bathroom. Then again it could be the natural light in the room. The bathroom only has a small window with not a lot of natural light.
Yeppers, my sweet hubs is a keeper!

janie said...

It looks great!! Lots of hard work!!
Enjoy, Janie

bayrayschild said...

You are the hardest working woman I know of!
All of your projects turn out so beautiful.
GREAT job on the floor, I LOVE IT!


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies!!! ♥

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