Sunday, August 14, 2016

In the homestretch...

and I must say this crown molding looks terrific!! It has just enough character to look like it's always been here.

But let me tell you, it isn't easy putting up crown molding on 1800's walling and ceiling. Holy schnikes! There are more waves and ripples than the Atlantic ocean.
Thanks to the internet, we were able to do the best job we could with what we had to work with.

Of course I picked the hottest and most humid day we've ever witnessed in our lifetime to do this job. My sweet hubs was exhausted but still did the brunt of the work.

Here's a quick peek at how it's gone so far...

First things first. Had to get some of my crap collectibles out of the way.

 photo crownmold1_zps1nk6ue3w.jpg

Then crammed it into the other room.

 photo crownmold2_zpsmjwxbscn.jpg

Next, I put the crown molding blocks in each corner. As you can see, they did not fit snugly like they should have.
A quick heads up... If you run into this problem trust me, caulk will be your best friend.

 photo crownmold3_zpsdd37mzle.jpg

After that, I placed pieces of painters tape where studs were.
For the record, I was finding studs where I shouldn't have and I wasn't finding studs where I should have. So either my stud finder battery was low or this house was built by Dr. Seuss.

 photo crownmold4_zps4hhmqpbp.jpg

Then it was time to put up the crown molding. My sweet hubs did all the nailing. I just helped hold it in place.
Ummm. I totally wasted my time putting up those little pieces of painters tape. He didn't go by any of my blue dots. hmpf!

 photo crownsweetie_zpseeuurnu4.jpg

Lots of gaps!
Like I said, caulk will be your best friend.

 photo crown5_zpsxefhseb6.jpg

His job was done. Now it was my turn to take over the reins.
I think I've mentioned I consider myself the "Queen of Caulk." I love to caulk!

Is there such a title??
If so, I definitely need a sash.
Preferably cammo.

 photo crownme1_zpsuzvokrsj.jpg

Now all I have do do is wait for the caulk to dry and repaint it all.

Photos of the finished room tomorrow but here's a sneak peek!

 photo cm1_zpszksu1tf1.jpg

Happy Sunday, all!!

:> )


bayrayschild said...

Heck, you're the QUEEN of home improvements! =)
(at least in my book)

Hugs, Audrey

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Sweet Audrey, if I'm the Queen of Home Improvements you're the Queen of Decorating for sure!!!
Like I've always said, you need to be an interior decorator! ♥

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