Thursday, August 4, 2016

I've got Autumn Fever!!

It's similar to Dance Fever minus the Deney Terrio moves.

Every August I get this way. Sure summer is nice, but autumn is awesome!
I'm ready for cooler temps, sweaters, jeans, falling leaves and the wood stoves.

On my way to the grocery store today I couldn't pass up a house sale.
Found a great set of fireplace tools. Even had the huge tongs. Yippee!! If you have a fire place or wood stove you know how important these tools are!

That got me thinking about all the wood stove accessories I
**cough** "need."
I'll have to break this news gently to my sweet hubs.

Now seriously... how cute is this??!!

I do have an old copper tub that would do the trick, too.

I am determined to get a me mitten rack next!

This is too pretty to use! I would just hang it up for decoration. Yet another "practical" piece to have in our home. ((giggle))

Love this! Heck, I could probably make this. All I need is a small oval rug and a seam ripper. hmmm...

Yep, a chicken ON every pot.
I definitely need this room humidifier.

A beautiful antique match stick holder? Why yes, please.

These hand painted bellows are pretty and practical. But are rather small. Small bellows just don't cut it.

Which is why I need bellows like this!
(Look above his head)

 photo fm23.jpg

Now THOSE are bellows!
Ooooh, I wouldn't need to use the snow blower ever again!

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Oh me too, can't take the heat anymore, bring on Fall!!!! Blessings Francine.

Phyllis Wood said...

I love Fall and Spring. Winter and Summer, not do much. It has been so beastly hot. Ugh. I think that you need all those accessories. They're practical.
I'm glad you're computer is ok now. Your husband is a keeper.
Any news from the campaign trail (tail)?

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Francine, I am so over this hot weather. Looking forward to September!

Phyllis I'll tell my sweet hubs that you too agree I need them all. ((hee hee))
"Campaign tail." ((giggle)) That's a good one!
:> )

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