Monday, August 15, 2016

The crown molding inside corner blocks are a hit...

 photo cm2_zpse7rifsgv.jpg

If you're planning on adding crown molding to any room in your home I highly recommend these babies!!

 photo cm1_zpszksu1tf1.jpg

It was so much easier!!

 photo cm3_zps4aqglvt1.jpg

Leave it to little Gracie to find the one thing I didn't pick up with the vacuum before I snapped photos.

 photo cm4_zpsf9tffh2n.jpg

Stella could care less about anything but playing with her little pink rubber ball.

 photo cm5_zpsi6xwpqhl.jpg

Now I can focus all my time on creating my folk art.

Happy Monday, all!

I'm counting down the days to cooler weather!!

One... Two... Three... Four...

:> )


Phyllis Wood said...

Hi Karin. The molding looks terrific. I bet that the corner pieces did make it a lot easier. I live in New Jersey, so I am experiencing the same relentless heat that you are.
Gracie looks great. Is she having mostly good days now, I hope?
Stella looks awesome, as usual. She does look like she wants a ball game. Stay cool.

Maureen said...

Very very handsome and looks like its been there all the time. A perfect addition to your home

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! Phyllis, so you're a Jersey girl! You're also suffering with this horrid humidity. I am so over this weather. Ugh.
Doesn't Gracie look terrific?! I'm doing a balancing act as far as her enzymes, probiotics and 5 small meals a day go, but it's working! Yippee! She's been rolling around on her back every morning when she gets up. That's her "happy puppy" move. She hasn't done that years! So great to see! ♥ Stella is my little furry mini me. She's always right by my side. (Except when she's chasing her little pink rubber ball.) ♥
Maureen, I knew I couldn't go too fancy as far as a pattern goes. I'm sure back in the day this humble farmhouse had humble looking crown molding. :> )
Thanks again, ladies.

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