Thursday, September 8, 2016

Finally got the call...

But still do not have a definitive answer.

The results of her bile acids test show that her first (fasting) blood draw was normal.
But her second blood draw (2 hours after eating a high calorie meal) was not normal.

That means her liver isn't functioning properly. A liver than isn't functioning properly can cause seizures.

So I asked what causes a liver to not function properly at such a young age. She didn't want to commit to any particular diagnosis, but she mentioned Stella may have a liver shunt. Liver shunts are usually congenital and show signs when the dog is a puppy. But it can show signs as the dog matures. It can be detected with a sonogram. (Although I read in some forums it can't be detected with a sonogram) Sigh.

But before we do anything she wants to consult with the doctors at the lab. So I am waiting for a call back. I pray I hear from her tomorrow.

As I frantically read online about liver shunts in dogs, many are controlled with diet. Surgery can be done also.
I am feeling quite overwhelmed with what to feed a dog with a liver shunt. But the key is to control the protein (purines).

That is it for now. Truthfully I'm not sure if I should be terrified or relieved.

I'll keep everyone updated as I get more info.

Thanks again, everyone.
My dear blog friends are the best.


Phyllis Wood said...

Hi Karin. I'm glad that you heard something. Hopefully, it is something that can be controlled with diet. Please give both girls a big hug from me. Sending you one also.

tj said...

...I was just thinking about you and Stella earlier and was wondering and saw the update. I'm glad to hear something and I hope that it will be something as simple as a change in diet.

...Still sending warm thoughts and prayers your way girls! :o)

...Peace & blessings.

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