Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Hunter ceiling fan "before..."

 photo ceilingf1_zps6iezxdom.jpg

It's a great fan. But that light had to go. For me personally, a bowl light is best for a bedroom. Or a den. Not a kitchen. Especially when I like to do my sewing at the kitchen table. These old peepers of mine must have bright light.

 photo 88053abf-1448-4fee-87db-0d4d08632d88_zpsekcfbjh3.jpg

So here was my idea.
All I needed was a can of spray paint and my sweet hubs' brain to figure it out...

 photo ceiling2_zpsxyhgjqyi.jpg


 photo celingf3_zpsdmrnfo2v.jpg

 photo ceilingf5_zpskhuhi3bo.jpg

 photo ceilingf4_zpsv3bc4plc.jpg

We also decided it was time to say so long to an old friend. This little guy served us well over the years. But we wanted to upgrade to a large Jotul wood stove.

 photo ceilingfan6_zpsvew8a4c9.jpg

Hello, gorgeous!
While most woman swoon over diamonds and clothing. I prefer wood stoves and lighting.

 photo ceilingf7_zps7mpir4gq.jpg

Let's see... We need to make a larger hearth pad. I need to touch up the stove pipe with spray paint and I need to hem my curtains. Just add these to my projects list!

That's it for today.

Happy Thursday, all!!

I'm still determined to find a spot to hang the ol' candelabra I had in the kitchen. I already broke the news to my sweet hubs.


I thought about swapping out the glass shades with old clear canning jars. But I have concerns about the heat from the bulbs in the enclosed jars. Have to do a little more research on that.

:> )


Penny said...

Everything looks wonderful!!

Phyllis Wood said...

I love the way the ceiling fan looks with your changes. The new stove is gorgeous and perfect for these chilly bights. Can't wait to see where you put the candelabra.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! That wood stove is the cat's meow!! I'm never leaving my kitchen! :> )
Phyllis, I'll figure out something.
Or maybe I need to be on one of those "letgo" commercials.
Nah!! ((giggle))

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