Friday, October 7, 2016

I'll need a bottle of Advil...

But we got 'r done!! Yippee!!

 photo woods2_zpsxsrna8gm.jpg

We moved the new wood stove and replaced the old hearth with the new one. It looks better than I expected! Woo hoo!!

Actually, it went quite smoothly. Even my sweet hubs was shocked.
I had to laugh. He tells me, "You're still a strong chick!" I'm impressed!"

Thanks, sweetheart. Although "You're as beautiful as the first day we met" would have been much nicer. But hey at my age, I'll take what I can get. ((giggle))

 photo woods1_zpsqun6diax.jpg

I absolutely LOVE the look of old copper behind the wood stove in this next photo.
Now I've got this idea in my head. I must find me some copper sheets.
But after pricing them, over 700 bucks for two sheets (holy crap) I may have to stick with the ugly painted fire board we have on the walls for now.

 photo coppersurround1_zpszuv58e7o.jpg

Here's a few more photos of copper surrounds...

 photo coppersurround2_zps8j1aaamn.jpg

 photo coppersurround3_zpsaryczb6t.jpg

Okay, that is it for today. Time for me to go wrestle a bear. ((hee hee))
Wishing everyone a terrific weekend!!

:> )


Michelle said...

Looks great

Michelle said...

Looks great

Phyllis Wood said...

It looks fantastic. And you're still speaking! Having you Bern eating Stella's spinach?

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies! We're still speaking and we didn't kill each other either. ((giggle))
Stella doesn't share. I had to make my own. :> )

bayrayschild said...



Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks so much, Audrey!! ♥

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