Thursday, October 27, 2016

Uh oh. I just had a wicked A.D.D. moment...

As I was sitting at the kitchen table working on my Early Work Mercantile offering I thought, "Do we really need this gigantic round dining table in the kitchen??"
Between the new wood stove, dog beds and large dining room set, I'm constantly having to maneuver around everything. It's ridiculous.

Since my mom passed away, I no longer have big family holiday gatherings. I no longer need to feed a small army. It's basically my sweet hubs and I.

So I got to thinking...
As much as I love my "dining room" (American flag walls) we NEVER use it. The old ladder back dining room set I have in there was my mother's.
I love the set but quite frankly the chairs are not the most comfortable. Back in the old days folks were much skinnier and tinier than we are now. ((giggle))

Also, I am never giving up any of my old Windsor chairs. No way. No how.
So I dropped everything I was working on and started dragging tables and chairs around.

The table is only 36" x 42" compared to the 60" round I have in the kitchen.

Did you spot blurry, little "Twinkle Toes?"

I think it looks pretty darn good. So much more room, too! YaY!!! The table legs are bit on the chunky side, but they're turned and so are the Windsor legs. It'll do. Maybe I need to take a peek on Craigslist for old dining tables. Shhhh... No one (meaning my sweet hubs) needs to know that.

Hmmm... Not sure where the heck I'm going to put the round table though. I certainly can't take it apart myself. For now I'll cram it in the "dining room" and try not to notice it.

Lord only knows how my sweet hubs is going to react when he walks through the door later today and sees this one!

I'd better grab a defibrillator...

:> )


Penny said...

The table looks great in your kitchen!! You remind me of me... always changing/rearranging and wondering how the hubs will react. (What does it really matter to me anyway?!! I seem to keep doing it no matter what!) How do you like the round table in the dining room?

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, Penny! Actually my hubs walked in the kitchen with a total perplexed look on his face and asked me what I did with his wife. (((giggle)))
He REALLY likes it! He's not one for clutter so when I remove furniture, he's thrilled. :> )
As far as the other dining room table goes... It's waaaaay too big for my tiny dining room. So we'll need to take it apart and store it. I have no idea where the heck I'm going to store it. Yikes!

Denise Blankenship said...

You crack me up! I crack myself up. Is that okay to say? Haha I too am always trying to figure out which is better...paint colors, furniture rearranging, adding MORE, removing less. Heehee It's a wonder my hubs is still with me! :O)
I've been in my kitchen tonight for 3 1/2 hours. I've already decorated for Fall, but I'm still rearranging things! Oh boy! My hubby thinks it's cute. Eek!
I love the smaller table in your kitchen! It looks great!! You have given me sooo many wonderful ideas! I'm so glad I found your blog. Yay! :-)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Heck, I crack myself up all the time, Denise! It's definitely okay to say. ((giggle))
The older I get the less clutter I want around me. Although some would consider my house still cluttered. But what do they know! Hmpf!
((hee hee))
Truthfully I enjoy moving furniture around especially in a room that's challenging. Umm... Have a mentioned I moved that settee again in our Keeping Room?? I didn't like the way it looked anymore.
Yep, I'm way beyond therapy.
;> )

Denise Blankenship said...

Haha! No, you haven't mentioned moving the settee. Where ever it is I know it looks great! What's in the Keeping Room now? Pictures, please! :-)
I had too much stuff going on in my kitchen, so I had to declutter last night. I have brown walls, like Sugar Pie Farmhouse. I don't know if you have ever seen her blog, but she truly is amazing at decorating her home. Her new blog has youtube for her Fall decor. She is adding a lot more white. It really looks beautiful. I have white cabinets and a white hutch, with a small round wooden table, 4 chairs. I get all my inspiration from you and Aunt Ruthie (Sugar Pie) also some from Farmhouse 5540. Give me white, wood and black and I'm good to go! Red too! :-)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

It's still in the keeping room. Decided to put it back in the corner like I did the first time. I really need to stick with my gut instinct. Here's the post. Mind you the wood stove is now in the corner, I have a different rug, a different side table... The list of changes goes on and on.
I'm so glad you told me what Sugar Pie Farhmouse is! I had no idea what you were typing about. ((giggle)) I do not know who the gal is but I'll have to take a peek!
I started lightening up the ol' farmhouse a few years back. Then I found Chip and Joanna Gaines and fell in love with their style. Although I'm not hardcore farmhouse. I still need my New England/colonial Americana sprinkled in! When you live in the Northeast, it's the law. Okay. That's not true. But it should be.
;> )

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