Thursday, November 3, 2016

By Jove, I think I've got it!

Well, I knew there was a reason why I didn't use the smaller dining room table as our daily kitchen table.

It's on wheels. If you've never sat an antique dinner table on wheels, it can be quite the experience. Especially if you don't follow proper dinner table etiquette (like us) and eat with your elbows on the table. Or if you've ever accidentally hip checked an antique dinner table on wheels (like I've done) things on the table literally go flying. It's a real treat. ((giggle))

So the wheels in my noggin started turning... We really need a kitchen table that can kind of take a beating. Like the table that was in there. Sturdy and strong. But not as massive.

Well I forgot the massive vintage table came with 4 leaves. I think it stretched out to 9 feet! With how small our family is, I am sure we will never need a 9 foot dinner table. Besides we don't have the room for one. Unless we open the front door. ((hee hee))

So, I dug them out and laid them across the table to get an idea how it would look...

 photo tableleaf10_zpsminnu20p.jpg

 photo tableleaf2_zps4jjupsay.jpg

All I need to do is cut them down to the size of the other table sand 'em down, re-stain 'em, put a matte clear coat and we're in business.

Then I can bring the antique table back in this room where it belongs and never use it. ((giggle))

Truthfully, I feel much better cutting down these vintage, table leaves than I do my beautiful antique barn wood planks.

So I do believe I know what project I'll be working on (hopefully) this weekend.

Happy Thursday, all!!!

:> )

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