Monday, November 21, 2016

My Stella Is Four Today!!!

Seems just like yesterday I held her for the first time.

 photo stella02.jpg

 photo stella04.jpg

The moment she walked through our door she fit right in.

 photo daythree5.jpg

Although poor Gracie was completely freaked out the first two months and wanted nothing to do with her.

 photo play3_zps9477e61a.jpg

 photo pair2_zps8b5d4fef.jpg

But over time, eventually Gracie grew to love her.

 photo duo_zpsaeb6bf8b.jpg

 photo frenchstella_zpsef1c54cf.jpg

 photo 56f9219d-ca6a-4a96-b466-8a70eb91757d_zps935ec8ab.jpg

Stella got into a lot of trouble.

 photo cat4_zps9d5d0a1e.jpg

 photo cat3_zps4000d237.jpg

 photo sle_zps9d7c9542.jpg

 photo 768319d6-4d3d-487b-9993-457de4bb2373_zps0d7b8568.jpg

But how could I get upset with a precious little face like this??!!

 photo c0ebd0da-85f6-4f25-a558-a61c5058ae82_zps58a31a55.jpg

 photo hungr2_zps049c801e.jpg

 photo harness1_zps50098e28.jpg

 photo ea476787-573f-40ab-b4bf-d9e5a0031ba8_zps99d6d3c9.jpg

 photo poutys1_zpspxrxqkqa.jpg

 photo stba_zpsnibk8tod.jpg

 photo 8682e3ae-6a83-4feb-9a48-7d28463ae90a_zpsea7d81d6.jpg

She soon started her own blog.

 photo blogbanner_zps1a206b5e.jpg

She even made it into a national magazine.

 photo largemagazine1_zpshrylzfd8.jpg

and the rest as they say... is history.

 photo stellar2_zps9b26f879.jpg

Happy Birthday to my furry baby girl!!

 photo snowstella_zps3i01l1ic.jpg

:> )


bayrayschild said...

Awww you're soooo cute Stella! Happy Birthday!

Audrey =)

Carol Roll said...

Happy Birthday adorable girl!

Primitive Stars said...

So darling!!!!!! Happy Birthday sweetie, hugs Francine.

Phyllis Wood said...

Karin, thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of the birthday girl.


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, guys! She had a fantastic day! At least I think she did. ((giggle))

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