Wednesday, March 15, 2017

And The Survey Says...

**DING**  photo noreasterstella_zpsytfxketm.jpg

 photo noreasterstella1_zpsz9p72ywz.jpg

 photo noreasterstella2_zpspkd277ol.jpg

Thirty inches of snow is a lot to contend with.

I noticed some news media kind of poo-pooing the storm since it didn't hit NYC as they had predicted. But it packed a wallop north and west of the Big Apple.

So please keep everyone here in Central New York and other northeastern states hit hardest in your thoughts and prayers. Especially the elderly.
Many counties are in a state of emergency, including ours.

Now they are predicting an additional 4-8" of lake effect snow in our forecast for today.



Phyllis Wood said...

Hi. We didn't get as much snow here in NJ as anticipated (8"), but we just got dug out. The car was surrounded by snow/ice made worse by the plowing. That left boulders of ice behind the car. All that ice was solidified to the road. Now it is snowing again.
Stay well. Be careful in this weather.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

That's good news as far as snow totals goes for you in NJ.
I think parts of PA got hit bad.
Man, I still cannot believe all this snow. We got another 5" today. UGH! And isn't Monday the first day of spring???? We'll be lucky if this stuff melts by May. Double Ugh!

Alison Harriman said...

Oh my! Lets hope its gone by Easter or the Easter Bunny will need those snowshoe feet of his. Stay safe!


Susan said...

OMG, all we got her in Roanoke was a wintry-mix. that's cray-cray. Enjoy.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Ali, I'm afraid the Easter Bunny is buried until next Easter!
It's cray-cray for sure, Peachy!!! We're still digging out. Next we need to get all the snow off our roof.
Lord help us all if this melts too fast.

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