Tuesday, April 4, 2017


This is all that's left of the snow!!

 photo snow_zpsvfwxhijs.jpg

Man!! This was like the winter that wouldn't end! But I think we're in the clear.
(Bet I just jinxed myself on that comment)

We're seeing lots of wildlife at the old Countryfolk homestead. Bunnies, birdies, fox, deer and woodchucks.
I FINALLY saw a beautiful eagle fly right over my head. This is a first for our area! You have no idea how thrilling that was for me!! I actually welled up. I know. I'm such a sap.

I'll definitely have to keep an eye to the sky when I have my girls outside. But I've always had to keep an eye on little Gracie since we have lots of hawks.
When she strays too far from me I break out into a Gloria Estefan song. But instead of singing "The rhythm is gonna get you" I sing "The chicken hawk's gonna get you." ((giggle))

Of course Ralph the Chipmunk is making himself known more and more everyday. He's got quite the "condo" in our lawn. I should start charging him HOA fees.

Happy Tuesday, all!!


1 comment:

Phyllis Wood said...

Hi Karin. Glad your snow is gone. Hopefully spring is here to stay. The eagle must have been magnificent to see.
I'm sure the girls will enjoy being outside (under your watchful eye).

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