Sunday, April 5, 2020

Holy Smokes!! Are We Living In A Bad Twilight Zone Episode??

First, I must apologize to my followers.
Since I wasn't posting much, I tried to place my blog on some kind of hold. But instead my dopey self was only able to mark it as "private" showing readers had to be invited. That was definitely not my intention and after hearing from some of my dear readers, I changed it back.
So hopefully, I'll get back to blogging which is something I love to do. Okay enough of that.

If I was to say to you 3 months ago, "In three months we're going to get hit with a pandemic. Not only will we be told we need to stay home, our local grocery store shelves will be almost completely empty and you won't be able to find anything to wipe your butt within a 3000 mile radius for weeks if not months to come!!" Well, I think you'd say I was a lunatic.
Yet here we are.

On March 14th I thought I'd make a quick run to our local grocery store.
I walked in and I swear I didn't recognize our quaint store. I had never seen anything like it in all my years. No eggs, no bread, no canned goods and no meats. Not only were the chicken bins empty, the little lights above it were turned off.

Then as I turned the corner to go down the infamous TP/paper towel/napkin aisle I noticed a woman at the opposite end was doing the same. I can bet you dollars to doughnuts we both had the same look on our face. As we met in the middle we both stood there in shock. It was insane.
The poor store manager and his employees looked like they all went 10 rounds with Tyson. Man, it broke my heart because I know these people. They were exhausted.

It's been three weeks and the grocery stores are still bare. Not a stitch of TP to be found. Which by the way, I don't get. If I had to choose between a pkg of ground round or a pkg of TP, I'm going for the burger. You can't eat TP and in a pinch you can always find something to use. That pile of napkins in your glove box... coffee filters... your sleeve. ((giggle))
Hey, I was raised to find the humor in life. Good or bad. I think it's a good coping mechanism. A therapist may think otherwise. ((hehe))

I found these to be quite humorous. Hope you do, too.

Well, that's it for today.

Be safe, be well, take all the proper precautions and pray.


:> )


Maureen said...

Good morning Karin!! So nice to read you today. Yep things people related are nuttso right now but looking out at nature, spring is calmly going about doing her thing.
This too shall pass.

marly said...

I hate to admit it took a while to get the second cartoon. World Health Organization, right??? LOL!!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, Maureen! Yes, so very true.
Hehe!! You got it, Marley!

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