Sunday, January 20, 2008

Its A Sad Day Here In Our Small Town...

The villages of Waterville, Deansboro and Oriskany Falls are saddened by the loss of Cpl. John P. Sigsbee.

At only 21 years old he was a decorated soldier given the Purple Heart in 2006. He was killed earlier this week in a grenade and small arms attack in Balad.

I did not know this brave young man personally; but we grieve with his family. Livin' in small towns like we do, we consider anyone's child "our" child. We keep an eye out for each other and pull together when tragedy strikes.

We stood outside our home this mornin', waitin' for the military escort to drive by and bring "our" boy home. With our hand over our heart and American flags wavin' in the bitter cold, we watched. He is home.

God bless you John.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

God bless his family and your town!! What a great American to serve and ultimately give his life for us!! How hard it must be for his family....although how proud they must be as well!!! That is such a nice tribute for y'all to line the streets!! I bet it was a very moving moment!! His bravery shows what a wonderful community you are a part of!!

Cookie said...

Remember when I told you about the Patriot Ride we did last summer? it was such an honor - and all of our soldiers deserve the best we have.

Sam I Am said...

oh how terribly sad... but what a loving way to greet this brave man home.. gives me goosebumps to know the community was all there for his arrival. sending prayers to his family..

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