Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time To Get Crackin'...

on my next set of Firewood Folks.

I went to the fabric store this weekend to pick out different material for them. Oh how I LOVE to shop for fabric. But its like a sickness!

As I enter the store, I immediately zero in on the perfect fabric. Its some kind of bizarre fabric radar I have.

At first I become like a deer in headlights, unable to move. When I catch my breath, I make a mad dash down the isle. The whole time I'm wheelin' my cart, I pray the gal standin' near it isn't goin' to reach out and grab "my" bolt. But if she does, I think I can take her.

When I finally get both hands on it, I hang on so tight the lady at the cuttin' counter has to practically wrestle it away from me.

Then she asks me the dreaded question, "How much would you like?" As the room starts to spin from the anxiety, I'm thinkin' "Should I buy it all?! If I don't, what if I come back for more and its gone??!! How much a yard is it again?! Do I have a coupon?! Do I have my credit card with me?! Will they take Monopoly money?!

Then as I look over my shoulder, I see that same gal (the one in the isle), eyeballin' "my" fabric from behind...
"I'll take it ALL!" I answer.

As I stroll away from the cuttin' counter, I whistle the Andy Griffith Show theme song.


Robin said...

Tooo funny... Hmmmmm...Wonder if my local fabric store takes Monopoly money ????....LOL
Looks like you had a good "hunt" !!!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Well said sista!! I've had to knock down a few old ladies cuz they were lookin' funny like at one of MY bolts of fabric!!! That'll teach 'em!! NO BODY gets between me and MY fabric!! The only thing that concerns me is the monopoly money.....isn't that illegal?!? LOL!! I wouldn't want to do anything bad!! tee hee hee

Doreen said...

You sound like me in the fabric store...I think I would be in absolute heaven if I owned and operated a fabric store....

Anyway...I tried to guess who the next "Firewood Folks" would be by your fabric choices and I can't figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an idea....HAVE A CONTEST...give hints...and the correct answer wins a Firewood Folk!!! That would be awesome.....if you got more than one correct answer you could go by the first RECEIVED correct answer or put all the correct ones in a hat and pull one out..... that I've been busy pushing ideas on you...perhaps I should get back to my own work...:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!


Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

The image in my head is cracking me up!!! Love your blog!!!

Cookie said...

I know... but I was sworn to secrecy!

You're in luck Doreen... I can be bought :)

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