Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Donuts At Dunkin' Donuts!

What the??!! How can that be?! Was there a policemen's convention in town we didn't know about?! (But there wasn't a patrol car in sight)
Is Alan Funt goin' to pop out and tell me to smile, I'm on Candid Camera!?
These were all the questions I asked when hubs and I walked into the local Dunkin' Donuts at noon today and there was not a donut left in the joint. Not one! Sure there was a handful of muffins and a few bagels but no donuts. Not even that lone nasty straggler donut that usually sits on the top shelf that no one can reach and is older than dirt. Nope, it was gone too. How in tarnations can ya call yourself a "donut shop" and not have donuts?

Many of y'all know I am a Dunkin' Donuts decaf coffee addict. I buy the whole beans by the pound and grind it myself. But since hubs and I had to go into town to do some shoppin', we thought we would stop in and treat ourselves to a donut. So I was gettin' my tastebuds ready for the massive sugar rush I was about to have! YaY!! Ooooh and I had me a hankerin' for a glazed too.

But alas, it was not meant to be.**sniff**

As my lower lip began to quiver from the bitter disappointment hubs asks, "Do you want to try another Dunkin' Donuts?" I replied, "Does a bear sh*t in the woods?"

So off we went to the next town...

:> )

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tattered 'n torn prims said...

This story had me in tears....then shouting mad....and then touched so that I weeped again!! LOL!! I think that Donut shop should be properly punished for running out...I mean c'mon....IT"S A DONUT SHOP!!! LOL!! Glad you finaly got your fix....what a nice hubby!!

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