Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Come Early...

Some of the artists in The Humble Arts participated in a Christmas ornie exchange!

Well you should have seen the box that was sittin' on my front porch!! Holy cow! That must be one mighty big ornie in there!!

I was so excited, I practically gnawed on the corner of the box hopin' to get a head start on openin' it. But dang it that packin' tape is so strong, I didn't make a dent. I finally kept my composure long enough to open the box.

OH MY!!! LOOK what sweet Elena of My Primitive Sistas sent me!!!

Everythin' was beautifully wrapped and it smelled heavenly too!!

Elena my dear Humble Arts sister, I can't thank you enough for all these wonderful goodies!!
:> )


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what an awesome surprise and you didn't lose any teeth in the process...How do you get your dolls to smell so stinking fabulous..I have your barn kitty and could never figure it out?...

Doreen Frost said...

Everything looks wonderful. LOVE that crow! That Elana is a sweetheart.


Raggedy Angel said...

Who needs that fat Santa with friends like that? Beth

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Peanut,
Dinner is at 7:30pm...I have enough food for a small Army..so you are more then invited...although these boys can eat..they always amaze me..there is never any leftovers...I am sure to give them a run for their money tomorrow..they are going to go home and put on their fat pants...lol...

Farmhouse Blessings said...

You know, you always, always make me grin. I can see you gnawing that package.

Love your goodies!


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Lucky you ... all those sweet gifts ! The crow is cute !

Elena is a dear !

I love your posting ... always puts a smile on my face !
Now how are ya going to reuse the box if ya gnaw on it ???

Hugs ,

kat449 said...

Member ME????? I miss ya Darlin soo much. Thank you for your prayers...in fact because of your prayers ive been kept purty darned busy livin the good life and rebuilding all that was lost, so thank you!
I think one of my many joys comin here for a visit "witcha" is feeling like Im such a part of when ya get goodies. I love your gratitude. Me thinks ya outta put fiesty LIL GRACIE to work when it comes to openin your boxes!!!!
Ill keep my busy eyes out for red mitters...
Again, I thank you, Your cohort in crime...yup, you know who...for never giving up on me. Im comin back bigger, better and like lil Gracie....unstoppable. When I get an extra minute, to prove once again what an Awesome God we have & Ill share all thats been goin on with me, not to boast but to reiterate how the power of prayer & friendships are such blessings....just like and because of you. I love ya girl. Hugs, Kat

PEA said...

what treasures you hold there my dear.
You are a blessed woman to recieve such goodies.
I can't wait till our exchange.
Have a wonderful weekend. Love your little guys as well. makes me want to bake.

Cookie said...

you made out big time - this crow is so adorable and so YOU!

love it Goob :)

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