Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outdoor pretties...

Finally, we are seeing (and feeling) warmer temperatures in these parts.

This weekend I'll get my first mowing in for the year!! I love to mow! Yippee!!

What's even better, hubs bought me a "new"
(well new to me) John Deere tractor!
Isn't he romantic??

As I patiently waited for the nice weather to arrive, I was able to get some Pinterest outdoor inspiration.

Feast your peepers on these...

Plant flowers in old drawers.
 photo garden1_zps43c82f86.jpg

Colored pencils fence. I love it!
 photo garden2_zps98931c41.jpg

A beautiful planter.
 photo garden3_zps6104c295.jpg

Hang an old window from a tree.
(I'll be doing this)
 photo garden4_zpsbcd64ab6.jpg

Hang an old window from your porch.
(I'll be doing this too)
 photo garden6_zps82063b0e.jpg

Use and old shovel as a trellis.
 photo garden7_zpsdf0301cc.jpg

Remember to get outside and enjoy nature.

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Yay!!!!! John Deer all those pictures of such great idea's, will be doing a few myself I think....Happy happy, Francine.

Peri said...

Looks to me like you will be busy hunting old windows and not have time to play on the new toy!! The ideas are good, but why no picture of the tractor? Have fun with all of it.
Thanks for the hospitality. Loved the Chicken Riggies!

Cindi said...

Oh I need to go and fins some old windows! How fun!
Happy spring!
Be blessed,

Jan - Big Brown Dog Primitives said...

Such good ideas, Karin! I especially love the old drawers, and might copy that for my dooryard.

Susan said...

Looks like you'll be busy this summer with doggies, tractors and decorating. Glad it's warmed up, it was quite chilly there last week. Loved seeing you. Give those Little Barkers a hug from me.

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