Monday, August 19, 2013

I changed my mind... AGAIN.

Remember my "Yes, I know it's impractical BUT I don't care" post?
It was about my
(impractical) antique church pew. I love it so, but it really serves no purpose. It's rather uncomfortable and a dust collector. But it sure does look pretty.

(I thought) I came to my senses and asked my sweet hubs to wrestle it out of the house and store it down in the barn. Have you ever tried to move an over 6 foot solid oak church pew? It ain't easy.
I know my hubs was mumbling under his breath. So I had to remind him he was moving a church pew and to keep his curse words to himself.

Guess what???

It's baaaaaaaaack!

Well... that lasted not quite a year.
Hey! That's pretty darn good for me!

 photo pew1_zpsde73afd6.jpg

Yes my sweet hubs wrestled it back up from the barn and into the house yesterday yet again.
Since I'm here to tell the tale, I'm happy to say he didn't try to smother me with my pillow during the night.

 photo pew2_zps4de27219.jpg

I am truly blessed to have such a good man... with muscles.

:> )


Peri said...

Put a nice red thick cushion on the pew and fix your wonderful man some chicken riggies! He deserves the treat!
Just because it is a church pew doesn't mean it HAS to be uncomfortable...think of it as just another wooden seat in need of a lovely cushion! Stuff will still sit nicely on the cushion for makes a great place for unexpected visitors you don't really want to stay too long!
Tell your hubby we are all proud of him for not smothering you!

Susan said...

I love it, and as for being uncomfortable, the ones in our church were comfortable to sleep in. I'm just sayin'.

Penny said...

Love your church pew.... it looks wonderful back in your home! I have one, too, and just love it.... even though it isn't comfy or very practical. :) It's sometimes a hard decision on whether to keep it in the house, but yet it remains... I have a quilt on it now, but will have a cushion made for it so that it won't be quite as bad sitting on it! Love the way your's looks.... just perfect!

Earnestine Kettering said...

You know what, you are the first one I've heard say that her church pew have no use in her house at all. Because they are made with fine hardwood, they are often sought after by homeowners to accentuate any area of the house. Though looking at these pictures now, I'm pretty sure you've realized just how handsome church pews are and how they can be of great use to us. By the way, it's great to hear that you are enjoying a happy married life! :)
Earnestine @ Covenant Church Furniture

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks, ladies!!
Peri, I did have a (very bad) cushion for it once. But it was more comfortable without it. Yikes! I do need to make a Joann Fabrics run. I'm thinking ticking fabric. (Have I mentioned how much I love ticking?!) (giggle)
Hey Peachy, that is one special church!
Penny, I know the struggle. This old farmhouse of ours doesn't have a lot of wall space so I have to strategically place it in a room. Not an easy task for sure.
Hi there, Earnestine. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always a pleasure when I get to meet someone new! :> )
Esthetically, church pews are absolutely gorgeous. But the practicality of them are somewhat limited. Unless you have a large kitchen (and a need for extra seating) or a large foyer to display it in. How I wish I had a foyer!
My beautiful, oak pew has been in my family for many years. So I would never sell it. Unfortunately I see many for sale on Craigslist. Others may not feel the same way as I do. To each his own, I guess. Hopefully, they will all find their way to a loving home. ♥
Thanks again for the kind words, ladies!!

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