Saturday, December 14, 2013

Heart or head...

When it comes to home renovation, which do you follow??

I would like to say most definitely I follow my head. But my nose would grow like Pinocchio if I did.

Take for example, windows.

We're considering having the rest of the windows in this old farmhouse replaced, but I am struggling with ONE window design. The window(s) above my kitchen sink.

 photo window_zpsc5d9d801.jpg

Right now we have very dated and groovy casement windows. I am not a fan of casement windows. The wide vertical "bar" smack dab in the middle blocks my view and drives me nuts. I'm constantly bobbing and weaving to look out the window.
But I understand they are practical over a kitchen sink. Easy access. Easy to reach. Same thing with slider or awning windows. Bla, bla bla... My opinion is, I don't like them much. As my daddy used to say,
"Opinions are like butt-holes, everybody has one."

I prefer my windows to reflect the style of my house. We have a farmhouse built in the late 1800's so casements and sliders are too contemporary to me however practical they may be.
I want a big ol' double hung window over my kitchen sink. You know... The kind you can place a freshly baked pie on the sill and someone comes along, lifts the window and swipes it. It happened all the time with The Little Rascals. ((giggle))

So please give me your opinions. Your pros and cons about windows. New or old.

Maybe just maybe you can talk me out of a big double hung over my kitchen sink with some good ol' common sense.

But don't bet on it. ((giggle))

Happy Saturday!!

Remember to go play outside.


bayrayschild said...

Peanut, you and I share the same thoughts as far as windows go. I think a window should reflect the style of the house.

Good Luck with your choice!

Primitive Stars said...

Sorry Karin but I would want the big ole double pain window to, no talking you out of it, need to match your cozy farmhouse indeed, Good Luck, Francine.

Penny said...

I've gotta agree with the other posters.... a big old double hung window would be my choice, too! (Actually I have one over my sink, and my house was built in 1873. We restored the house, but just HAD to keep the style that was here) Sorry... guess I'm no help in persuading you otherwise!!
Happy Snowy Day!

Raymond Homestead said...

Double hung window would be pretty awesome!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

YaY!! I knew it! You are gals after my own heart. ♥
We also have two funky octagon windows I CAN'T WAIT to change to regular ol' double hungs.
I'll also continue with the colonial grilles like in our front windows. Man, I love grilles!
Ooooh Penny, can you send me a photo of your kitchen window? Pretty please with sugar on top??
:> )

Peri said...

I vote for double hung windows with a wide ledge for pies and ripply, bubbly old timey glass at the top, but maybe clear at the bottom (where it had to be replaced because someone's baseball went through!
The octagon windows would fit in used to be custom cut to fit the windows, so a custom window as an accent would be okay with me. You could also add a doggie door in the cripple space beneath another kitchen window and the dogs could play in the back yard!

Peri said...

NO...I think casement windows are cooler because you can sit on the inside and look out and only one side has to be open at a time and your paws won't get as chilly.
Trying to help,
Your friend too,
Zipper the Golden Cat

anniebeez said...

I love my double hung windows, and they are not practical at all. but they are so homey!

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