Sunday, February 2, 2014

Good riddance!

Yesterday was the big day! We had all the windows replaced and finally got rid of those horrible crank windows above my kitchen sink! I've hated really disliked them since the day we moved in.

beforewindow1 photo beforewindow_zps7b923de8.jpg

The windows guys were laughing when I cheered as they took the sawzall to them! Heck if I had pompoms I would have really embarrassed my uncoordinated self by trying to kick my leg up three inches from the ground.
But it would have been worth it!!

I now have my double hung
old fashioned place a homemade baked pie on the window sill window!

afterwindow1 photo afterwindow_zps739c20e0.jpg

Here's my sweet hubs pulling a "Vanna."
Ummm, I doubt Wheel of Fortune will whisk him away.

afterwindow2 photo afterwindow2_zps0617cb69.jpg

I told him don't expect any calls from The Price Is Right either.

Tomorrow they will be back to wrap the exterior part of the windows and replace those two icky poo-poo octagon windows.

 photo octo_zps024df644.jpg

Oooooh, I'd better search for some pompoms.

:> )


Primitive Stars said...

Love the new window, looks great, taa daa, Amazing, Francine.

bayrayschild said...


Audrey =)

Peri said...

Hooray! Hoorah! Yay! Wonderful!

I like!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

New windows look so much better! Enjoying seeing the progress with you and enjoying Stella's antics too!

Raymond Homestead said...

Looks great, love it!

Alison Harriman said...

Gorgeous! Now where's that apple pie?


jennifer768 said...

I am so happy for you! Love those new windows!Hugs,Jen

Dixie Redmond said...

We replaced the very same kind of window in my kitchen. It was leaky and i was so happy to say buh-bye to it!

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