Sunday, September 18, 2016

I can't believe I did it...

Every autumn I contemplate it. Every autumn I decide... No way!
Well this time my practical side got the best of me.

Since we have a small cathedral ceiling in part of our kitchen, it traps a ton of heat produced by our wood stove which drives me absolutely nuts since the purpose of having the wood stove is to keep the whole kitchen
(and then some) warm and toasty. At times it's a good 20 degrees warmer up there!!

 photo kit_zpsp2kk7tn9.jpg

Everyone I've talk to said the only way to get that heat out of there is to get a ceiling fan.
You mean replace my awesome candlestick chandelier with a ceiling fan & light kit??!! Are you *#%$!* crazy??!!

Well... I guess I am now.
I ordered this Hunter one. It's kind of got a farmhousey/cottagey look to it.

 photo 88053abf-1448-4fee-87db-0d4d08632d88_zpsekcfbjh3.jpg

Let me also say I'm not making any promises. But I am willing to put my stubborn side
(thanks BOTH mom and dad) aside and be a bit smarter when it comes to heating this old farmhouse.

If only that area was bigger. But unfortunately for me it is too small to have both my chandelier and a ceiling fan. They would practically be on top of each other.
So it's one or the other.
Between you and me, I'm hoping my sweet hubs won't be able to figure out how to hang it on an angle.
Who am I trying to kid?? He's like my own personal MacGuyver.
Oh well...

Happy Sunday, all!!

Stella and Gracie are doing fine. YaY them!!!


Phyllis Wood said...

Karin, being practical can really NOT be fun at times. Is there somewhere else you can put your chandelier? The ceiling fan is
pretty, but I know not your preference. You'll think of something.
I'm so glad both girls are well. Continuing to send thoughts and prayers your way.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Phyllis, the kitchen was the only room large enough to support its size. But I'll still hang onto it. Who knows? Maybe someday (when I win the lottery) we'll add on. ((giggle))

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