Friday, May 30, 2008

Never Operate Your Stove...

with a head cold.

Heck, my brain is foggy and spins around enough as it is! The last thing I needed was to catch my hub's sore throat and cold. But I did. :> (

I figured I would try to muster up enough energy to make myself a poached egg for breakfast this mornin'.

So I turned on the stove top. A few minutes later I got a whiff of somethin' on the grill and it wasn't spare ribs. Nope. Is was the remote control to the kitchen T.V. I turned on the wrong burner and didn't see it sittin' there.


Actually, the way this looks is the way I'm feelin' right now.

Ya know what's even funnier? I hit a few buttons hopin' it still might work.

Man, I'd better go back to bed. I'll chat after I come out of my head cold coma. See ya then...


tattered 'n torn prims said...

I'm sorry...but.....this is lmao funny!! I thought only I did things like this!! I'm so sorry you're under the weather....get to feelin' better real quick darlin'!!

BTW...did the remote still work?


Laura said...

I know you love to cook and bake Karin ,but I mean really !LOL I guess if you put some gravy on it it might pass !! Hope you feel better,tell your hubby to stop sharing!

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

I'm really sorry you are feeling ill today but I laughed out loud when I saw that remote!!! I have "cooked" a pocketbook before but not the remote....yet!! Hope you get to feelin' better real soon.

Brenda said...

Oh dear, I too had a good laugh. Sorry, but that was way too funny. I am forwarding this to my mom. She asked me why I had my deodorant in the fridge....LOL! I think I was getting ready and my son wanted juice so it just landed there...and she thought I was weird. I've never cooked my remote...LOL! OK, now you best stay in bed for a few days before you do something really bad! Hope your better soon!

Cookie said...

oh man, goob - i'm sorry to hear you are sick!
that sucks... almost as much as having poison ivy all over your face bad enough that the dr. puts you on steroids for 14 days. I think we are in the same boat... without a paddle!

(but that remote is pretty dang funny lol) Hope Erron saw the humor in it. Maybe he will get you one of those universal remotes with keypads the size of Cape Canaveral! (dont laugh - they really do make em hahaha) oops, dont laugh

kat449 said...

LUCY?????JU GOT SOME SPLAININ TO DO!!!! too funny.
Ive burned 2 phone cords while gabbin on the phone while cookin (before the cordless days) and kept talkin away until I realized I had wandered off too far and finally realized why! Whoops!

please take care & feel better, its like the gift that keeps on giving. sending you healing thoughts & prayers buddie! hugs, Kat
P.S. I wanna know what Cookie was doing to get all that poison ivy!!!
some girls have all the luck!

Dixie Redmond said...

Peanut - I love that you hit a few buttons hoping it would work!


Hope you feel better soon!


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